Avanzando Juntos Celebrates 918 Maples Birria Pizza’s Mouthwatering Third Place Finish in Tulsa 50!

We at Avanzando Juntos are bursting with pride to celebrate one of our very own supported businesses, 918 Maples Birria Pizza, for landing a phenomenal third place on the prestigious Tulsa 50: Things We Are Loving About Tulsa This Year list! This recognition is a testament to the innovative spirit and culinary brilliance of Chef Jose Bamaca.


Chef Bamaca, a true Tulsa pioneer, is credited with introducing the city to the now-beloved birria taco when he opened his first 918 Maples restaurant a few years back. Now, at his newest location on Tulsa’s vibrant Studio Row, he’s outdone himself with a revolutionary creation: the birria pizza.


Imagine this: a majestic triple stack of tortillas, overflowing with melted cheese, caramelized onions, and slow-roasted, melt-in-your-mouth beef. This culinary masterpiece is then grilled to golden perfection, arriving at your table alongside delightful cups of consommé for dipping.

While some might call it a “quesadilla on steroids,” one thing’s for sure – this dish is a symphony of flavors. The succulent, slow-braised beef explodes with richness, while the consommé offers a contrasting depth that begs to be savored, both as a dipping sauce and a standalone broth.



This is more than just a pizza, it’s an experience. It’s a testament to Chef Bamaca’s relentless pursuit of culinary innovation and his unwavering dedication to tantalize Tulsa’s taste buds.


Congratulations, 918 Maples Birria Pizza! We at Avanzando Juntos are thrilled to see your hard work and creativity recognized on such a prestigious platform.


Ready to embark on your own birria pizza adventure? Head down to 918 Maples Birria Pizza on Tulsa’s Studio Row and prepare to be amazed!


Avanzando Juntos: Supporting Tulsa’s Culinary Trailblazers:

Avanzando Juntos is committed to empowering and supporting the growth of Tulsa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are incredibly proud of the innovative spirit and dedication of businesses like 918 Maples Birria Pizza, and we look forward to celebrating their continued success